Elena Parasco is a New York-based film director and creative director.

Parasco has worked with Nike, Nike Basketball, Nike Women, Red Bull, Levi’s, Warner Brothers, the New York Knicks, the National Ice Hockey Team of Mexico City, the New York City Ballet, David LaChapelle, Juilliard, to name a few. Her film and creative work have been featured in the New York Times, T Magazine, Vice, Bleacher Report, Interview Magazine, i-D Magazine, Vimeo Staff Picks, Vogue, i-D Mag, Victory Journal, Hypebeast + Hypebae, V Mag, OUT and FastCo.

Elena's work is the personification of authentic storytelling, offering a perspective and lens into a world in which the characters are real and the stories are cinematic, emotional and a bit raw.

Parasco was named a finalist in the 2018 ADC Young Guns Awards for her film portfolio. Additionally, Parasco was named a finalist by the One Screen New York Film Festival in Experimental Filmmaking for her film “downtowngirlsbball” and for Best Branded Content of the Year for her film “Locker Room Talk,” for Nike's Air Force 1: The Force is Female campaign.

“Elena Parasco is a young director who has dedicated her film work to putting feminine power and teamwork in front of her lens. Whether creating poetic images of the New York City Ballet for T Magazine , showing the girls from the Chinatown basketball team downtowngirlsbball for iD, or tackling the issues of inequality through the point of view of migrants, feminists and athletes in Locker Room Talk for Nike, the director based in New York does not miss the opportunity to use her platform and talent to publicize the unheard voices.”

— i-D Magazine

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