Co-Founder is New York-based Director and Creative Director who brings his design expertise to both the film and advertising business; directing commercial campaigns and product launches for such brands as Apple, Samsung, Google, Ford, Smirnoff, Heineken, Target, LVMH and JAY Z. He has worked with a variety of celebrities including Taylor Swift, Miranda Kerr and Sarah Jessica Parker.

Mikon's explorations in architecture, design, and animation have resulted in the design of the electronic signage for the Museum of Modern Art in New York, a media experience for BMW World and he was one of six finalists for the redevelopment of the former WTC site. Currently his work for Ford and Westfield is on permanent display on the 19-screen LED installation at the new Calatrava HUB at WWTC.

Mikon earned his MFA degree from Cranbrook Academy of Art.

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