Foremost a visual director, William Armstrong’s directorial style demonstrates a detailed layering to every story he tells. Alongside memorable imagery, hallmarks of his work include sophisticated editing, particularly focus on sound design and emotive music choices. He strives for the poetic, a way of elevating the world he sees into something lyrical and moving.

To date he has won a Young Director Award at Cannes, a gold for craft at Ciclope, Best New Director at the Kinsale Shark Awards, the Emerging Director Award at the One Screen film festival, shortlists for the Webby's and Cannes Lions and two Vimeo Staff Picks.

Born in Botswana, William’s African background has given him a unique perspective in a body of work that seamlessly crosses music videos, short films and commercials.


MercedesThe Masters

SamsungGalaxy S9

AdamShort FIlm

KormacNew Day


JaguarRoam This Place

Tipico x Bayer MünichRituals

Mercedes GLSRyan Tedder